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Love in Infinite Form

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What exactly is it? How would you describe it?

This beautiful four letter word has captured our hearts quite literally over centuries. We can't get enough of it. We read about it in books, watch it unfold in movies and hear it in every second song when we listen to music. It is what most people want in one way or another. To love what they do, to be loved by their parents and peers and mostly, to experience it romantically with another person.

Most of us are excited about it and many of us are afraid of it. It is so powerful, the most highly elevated emotion. Able to invoke the ultimate connection and foster the most transcending experience. Love has the power to heal, to create, to change and to inspire. But to be open to it we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and that is difficult for most of us.

It can hurt when we don't find it or devastate us when we lose it. But is it possible to truly lose love? What if you never had to find it in the first place?

What if love really is all around us all the time? Is it possible that every single thing is essentially an expression of love in some form? That you are It?

When we see love as something that is already within us, as us, then we can begin to let go of the fear surrounding its possible loss or non existence.

Really it comes down to your own personal perspective. How you see yourself, how you see the world and how you define love.

It is not often that someone will tell you that they think 'Everything is love', or 'I am love'. But how beautiful would life be when rooted this deeply in love? We can walk with more confidence, smile with more joy, breathe with an innate calm, be at ease with a sense of peaceful knowing.

I am a firm believer that residing in a loving inner state we naturally draw more loving experiences into our daily existence. We attract that which we focus our energy on.

So if we want to feel more love then we must be in a state of 'Being' this love. We must be accepting of it, feel worthy and be grateful for it. We can actively choose to do this. When all you 'Are' is love then everything else is a bonus. And when everything else is also love then what's left to lose?

And so I invite you to contemplate this idea. To embrace yourself as the Love you seek. To stop seeking and to simply Be It. And see how your life may transform.

Laura Isabella Machny

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