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    Intuitive Life Coaching

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    Guiding You into Deepened Love, Joy & Freedom



    If you are here, you are ready to achieve what you want and start thriving in love and life.


    You know that you are ready to create change so that you can finally be where you want to be in your life.




    You are Ready


    - Ready to let go of anything currently holding you back


    -Ready to stop feeling unfulfilled


    -Ready to discover what life feels like when you are Free



    You are ready to Arrive



    To feel a deep sense of Contentment.


    To have it all fall into place where it just makes sense and feels good.


    In all areas of your life.



    I invite you to go on a journey of Deep Personal Freedom




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    Be Where You Truly Want to Be



    The most profound and lasting transformations happen through an all inclusive holistic approach.


    I am an expert in cultivating deep Joy, Inner Peace and Fulfillment through Self Love and Inner Freedom.


    I don't believe that only 1 thing will create the change you desire. My approach addresses Well Being at the level of Mind Body and Spirit.


    My unique signature method combines Intuitive Life Coaching (Mind) with Tantric and Somatic Embodiment Practices (Body) and Reiki Energy Healing and Activation (Spirit).


    Lasting change and growth happens when you combine your intention with consistent choices and actions that move you forward.


    Arriving becomes inevitable.






  • About Me

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    I'm Laura, Intuitive Life Coach, Joy Goddess, Reiki Energy Healer, Tantra Teacher, World Traveler, Writer and Lover of life.


    I could tell you all about my spiritual awakening journey. How I went from feeling stuck, behind and frustrated for years, to discovering how to finally get to where I wanted to be, loving the shit out of myself and my life! But... I'm going to spare you the long read and just say this...


    My desire is to guide you through your unique journey of life with joy and ease so that you can reach your highest potential and deepest fulfillment. To help you experience life as you truly desire, within yourself, your love life and your bigger purpose.


    My signature method involves Intuitive Life Coaching, Tantra and Reiki Energy Healing. I take you on a journey within yourself to clear out anything that might be keeping you stuck so that you can finally arrive and be exactly where you want to be.


    My bigger vision is to help create a more joyous and awakened world one person at a time. Where conscious humans from all walks of life step into their full potential and live the life they came here to live.


    This is what I'm here for. For more Love, more Joy and more Freedom.


    I want for you to go to bed at night feeling deeply content and wake up in the morning with excitement for another day!


    I want you to become everything, to create everything and to experience everything you desire. And have fun while doing it!


    This is my invitation for you.

  • Testimonials

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    Megan Friend

    Perth Australia


    For a long time now I had been struggling with my confidence, self-love, feelings of unhappiness and also the desire to meet that life partner. I was referred to Laura from a close family member who insisted she could help me.


    Working with Laura was the best thing I ever did. Through her guidance and the tools she provided me along our journey together, I feel so much more happier now and feel ready and confident to get out there and meet that life person!


    Thank you so much Laura xx

    Caitlin Taylor

    London England



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    Chris & Angelica Martin

    Angelicas Words
    New York USA


    In the spring of 2022, my husband and I came to, what felt like, the edge of a cliff and the possibility of the end of our marriage. Just
    under four years into our intentional "I do's", we found ourselves each
    seriously considering separation and literally fed up with the
    resentment we had for one another. I'm really so grateful my husband
    suggested finding a coach and I brought up Laura to him, a dear friend
    who I entered the coaching world with, who I KNEW would be able to speak
    both of our languages.


    Going into Laura's couple's coaching container we both wanted different outcomes BUT
    learned how similar these outcomes actually were. We both wanted to be
    seen, admired, and respected but in our own ways and since becoming
    parents, we had found ourselves at a stand-still.


    Laura was incredibly non-judgemental with both of us- allowing both of us the
    safe space to learn how to express ourselves in a way we never had. We
    were ALLOWED to get angry, to cry, to scream, to blame, etc. We had
    amazingly wonderful sessions and we had extremely difficult sessions.
    There were times when doubt would flood in and Laura would make herself
    their to validate and transmute when appropriate.


    We learned the lessons each of us needed to obtain to make our
    relationship one of love and respect. My biggest lesson was that of
    expression and my husband's was to accept this expression in all forms
    (whether it be tears or new lingerie). Laura not only worked with us
    together, but individually, to guide our individual lessons into
    blending seamlessly toward a common goal. And it has been absolutely

    Writing this, months after our container officially ended, I can say marriage is still challenging. BUT we see each other
    more than we have ever seen each other. We both make an effort to meet
    each other's needs when we have the space to and if we don't have the
    space to, we both now understand the other and don't mistake this for a
    lack of responsiveness/caring. We communicate differently and we share
    parenthood more collaboratively. Our intimacy has grown inside and
    outside the bedroom and life is quite simply, more pleasurable.

    I cannot thank Laura enough for her enthusiasm, grace, understanding,
    patience, and downright divine gifts. I highly recommend her for any
    couple who wants to get to know themselves and their partners more
    intimately, even partners who may not be into the "woo" will understand
    the magic that lies within Laura's safe space in a discovery call. You
    have nothing to lose and literally the love of your life to gain


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    Chris & Angelica Martin

    Chris' Words
    New York USA


    This woman is magic! When my wife and I started our journey with Laura we
    were having major problems connecting with each other on a physical and
    emotional level. After many years together with countless ups and downs
    we had lost the spark in our relationship. Between working full-time
    stressful jobs and raising a young family the tension of not fully
    understanding each others needs and love languages had us talking about
    separation. From the first time we met with Laura she created a very comfortable and
    non judgemental environment where I felt understood and able to share
    personal feelings and details about myself and our relationship. The
    structure of the program allowed for both individual and couples
    sessions where Laura gave us the space and training we needed to grow
    personally and together. Her ability to change plans for a session on
    the spot to cater towards our particular needs when we were having a
    difficult day or needed extra support was invaluable. Laura is invested
    in her clients as a whole, getting to know them in all aspects and
    understanding how they can thrive. Her dedication didn’t end with the
    sessions but included frequent check-ins between meetings and being
    available at anytime for advice or a simple boost of confidence.



    By the end of our program we gained many tools and techniques to implement
    individually and as a couple to help grow our relationship on all
    levels. As I write this it has been a few months since our last meeting
    and the effects are still noticeable. We still have normal ups and downs
    and times when our connection is not at its best but we are able to
    recover more quickly and prevent a downward spiral through better
    communication and utilizing what we learned. Instead of questioning our
    future together we now look forward to what we are capable of doing and
    how we can live a more fulfilling life as individuals, partners and



  • How to Work with Me

    Simple Steps to Create Lasting change


    -Book a Free Discovery Call with me

    -We talk about Where you are currently at and What you would like moving forward

    -If we are a good fit to work together, You sign up, and your journey begins.





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    A 2 Hour 1.1 Session


    For devoted humans who want to make a shift in One area within themselves and their life.


    You have 1 thing you want to work on specifically and you want guidance on this 1 thing. Regarding Your Inner Self, Love/Intimacy or Purpose.


    1 x 2 Hour Session over Zoom


    Investment $111 USD


    Designed for those who want Clarity and an Activation


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    Energy Activation and Coaching


    3x 90 min 1.1 Sessions with me


    Release & Let Go - Energy Healing Reiki Session

     Activate and Energize - Tantric Embodiment Session

     Expand and Integrate - Intuitive Coaching Session


    For You if you want to gain momentum as you move  towards what you want to achieve with more joy and ease.

    These sessions are designed for those who want a Release and an Activation


    Investment $333 USD

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    1.1 Premium Coaching


    3 to 5 Months In Depth Coaching Personally Customized to You


    - Energy Healing & Activation

    - Tantric & Somatic Embodiment Practices

    - Intuitive Coaching


    Release what's holding you back, Reach your full potential &

    Start Thriving Now in Love and Life


    Investment Starts at $ 3333 USD

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    Couples Coaching


    For Conscious Couples who are ready for Deepened Connection, Love and Intimacy


    Have the Relationship you both Desire inside and outside the bedroom


    18 x 90 Min Sessions within 6 months over Zoom + In between Session Support


    Investment $7777 USD

    Payment plans available


    These are personally customized Sessions incuding Tantric and Somatic Embodiment Practices, Intuitive Coaching and Reiki Energy Healing Activations

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    For Awakening Wild Women who are ready to Be who they know they came here to Be. Live in Your Full Pleasure and Unapologetic Self Expression.


    Devoted Love, Deep Intimacy, Desires made Manifest


    No more Hustle, No more People Pleasing


    6 x 2 Hour Sessions within 4 months over Zoom


    Investment $999 USD


    These are personally customized Sessions incuding Feminine Arts, Tantric and Somatic Embodiment Practices, Intuitive Coaching and Reiki Energy Healing Activations



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    For Awakening Conscious Men who are ready to Be who they came here to be.


    Experience Deep Connection, Freedom, Love & Intimacy


    6 x 2 Hour Sessions within 4 months over Zoom


    Investment $999 USD


    These are personally customized Sessions



    Somatic Embodiment

    Intuitive Life Coaching


  • Connect with Me

    Please contact me for further information and to book a Free Discovery Call with me so I can determine if my Coaching Containers would be suited to You. I look forward to hearing from You!